Where to Find a Customer List

For some of our customers gathering a customer list for their outreach projects can be a challenge.

With that, we have compiled a list of places our customers have shown the most success in locating lists of engaged customers contacts to send TechValidate outreach to.


  • Ex - SFDC or Microsoft Dynamics
  • Customer list from tracking deals that closed
  • Customers attached to current opportunities

Support tickets submitted:

  • Pull customers who have submitted support tickets within the last 12-24 months

Marketing/nurture outreach to customers:

  • Ex - Marketo or Eloqua
  • Customer list from a company newsletter
  • Customer list from any customer nurture campaigns
  • Customer list from any cross-sell/upsell campaigns

Customer Community:

  • Ex - Jive
  • Customer list from customers who are a part of your community

SaaS application:

  • Pull clean contacts right from your application

If none of these avenues work for you, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Advocate or support@techvalidate.com to brainstorm other ways to gather a customer list.


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