How to Add Custom Data Fields

TechValidate allows you to filter and analyze your survey results in many ways (NPS, company size, industry, job function). But what if you wanted to filter your responses on data that isn't already in TechValidate? Maybe you want to see your NPS score based on Account Manager or parent account? Good news! Now you can with Custom Data.

There are 2 options for adding custom data fields. 

Option #1:

Once the survey recipient list is collected and broken out into first name, last name, company email address, and company name, you can add the custom data in the additional columns after that. Keep in mind, you can have up to 5 custom data fields

Option #2:

 If you've identified a custom field/s to add after a survey is already sent, follow these steps:

1. Go to the projects tab in the application and select the relevant project




2. On the right-hand side of the project page, under "Actions", click download response data



3. Once you've received the spreadsheet, delete all columns except for the respondents' email address and any custom fields already included. On the following empty column, add the custom field(s) that you would like to include * 



4. Once you've updated the custom fields on the spreadsheet, email the spreadsheet back to your designated Customer Advocate, who will then import it on your behalf


5. Once the custom data has been appended, you'll be able to filter the data




*Note that if there are multiple custom fields that you want to add, continue inputting each field into the following empty column. Remember you can have up to 5 custom data fields. 




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