Adding Custom Data Fields to Your Customer List

Your TechValidate customer list import needs to be in a CSV format with 4 required fields

[First Name / Last Name / Email / Company Name]

But you add up to 5 additional fields. This would allow you to filter by those fields in the Responses By Person tab after the survey collects responses. 


There are 2 options for adding custom data fields. 


Option #1: Add Custom Data on your original customer list


Option #2:

1. Go to the projects tab in the application and select the relevant project



2. On the right-hand side of the project page, under "Actions", click download response data




3. Once you've received the spreadsheet, delete all columns except for the respondents' email addresses. On the following empty column, add the custom field(s) that you would like to include * 



4. Once you've updated the custom fields on the spreadsheet, email it back to your Customer Success Manager, who will import them on your behalf. 


5. Once the custom data has been appended, you'll be able to filter the data




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