Customize Content Branding

To customize the color, font, and look and feel of your assets, follow these steps:

Go to the Settings section in the application

Click on content branding

Click on the particular product line that you want to edit

In the Settings section you can select the primary color and a secondary color if applicable

Looking below, you can find the title, border and accent colors, allowing you to edit each with either the primary color, secondary color or one of our preset options.

The asset will preview these changes in real time, allowing you to make the right decision easily. The colors selected will apply to all asset types (statistics, charts, case studies etc.)* 

In the same Settings section you can also select different fonts for both the asset’s body and title

*Notes: PDFs or downloadable images may take up to 24 hours to reflect any changes made. Accent Colors cannot be applied to case studies and charts.




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