TechValidate Content Redesign + Branding Capabilities

This video covers branding capabilities in your TechValidate login, to better reflect your company and the voice of your customers in your generated content.

1. Color Customization

We allow you to add a primary and if applicable, a secondary color that best matches your brand. You can then select which color to use for the title, border and background, selecting from either the primary color, secondary color or a preset option. The colors you select will be applied to all asset types.

To learn more about our color customization features, click here.

2. Font Customization

The font for both the asset’s title and body can now be customized using our preset selection of choices. The fonts you select in both of these fields will be applied to all published assets.

To learn more about our new font customization capabilities, click here.

3. New Case Studies

We’ve provided additional context by including an introduction section at the top as well as sections on the side that summarize both the respondent and the surveyed company. In addition, if the respondent left a testimonial, we’ve placed it below the introduction to give it better visibility.

4. Additional Graphics

We’ve officially increased the number of graphics from 4 to 16! Whatever opinion your customers convey through a testimonial or statistic, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of graphics that can summarize, clarify or reinforce their message. 

To learn more about using these graphics, visit this page.

5. Additional Chart Assets

Chart assets can now be published out as a pie chart, a donut chart, or a bar chart. Along with matrix assets, which can be displayed as a bubble chart or a bar chart. 

6. Social Sharing

The assets are now optimized to share on a variety of social media platforms. Whether you choose to share the content directly on Linkedin, Twitter or via email, the assets will align with your branding and the client's message. In addition, we’ve simplified the process of sharing Case Studies by placing the sharing functionality near the top.



7. New Logos Placement

Both the TechValidate and VMware logos have been moved from the top to the bottom of all assets. Reason being, we want to prioritize your customer’s feedback and allow it to be the first thing that the viewer sees.


8. Validation Highlighted

On the bottom left of all assets, we’ve now included the text “validated” with a check mark next to it. This not only serves to remind our client that a 3rd party firm has approved the asset, but reinforces the notion for all other viewers as well.


*Note: The preview of any font or color changes adjust in real time within the application, however, pdfs or downloadable images may take up to 24 hours to reflect those changes.




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    Erin Harris

    Love these new capabilities. Thanks for the awesome work!

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