Polar Question: Defined

Polar questions are typically used for asking operational/financial type questions and the answer choices include a spectrum for what the surveyor considers to be the best to the worst options, in descending order.

The resulting statistics are then aggregated, incorporating all of the “better” answer choice responses within a given answer choice to showcase a more positive statistic.

It is simple to add this type of question to your project. Please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to your project in the TechValidate application and go to the Overview tab and select Build a Questionnaire: 




2. Add a Question:




3. Select either "Matrix" or "Multiple Choice (only one answer)" Question:




4. Add the relevant question in the question prompt space and the corresponding response choices below:



5. Click Preview Questionnaire to see exactly what your polar question will look like to your survey recipients (steps on how to preview)

Congratulations! You've created a Polar Question.


Once the responses come in, you’ll notice that as you move down from what the surveyor considers to be the “best” to the “worst” options, the percentages increase until reaching 100%. This is because we are aggregating each response choice. For example, 8 percent of respondents chose 0 months, while 19% selected any time between 0-3 months, giving us a total of 27% through 3 months.


A polar question allows you to pull out individual testimonials and charts but it’s most frequently used to publish out polar statistics.


Example of a published Polar Statistic:





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