Questionnaire Design Methodology and Example Questionnaires

Crafting questions for your TechValidate project is one of the most crucial steps to ensure the creation of high impact content. Our most successful clients employ these methods to ensure they get compelling content for their sales and marketing initiatives:

Questionnaire Design Methodology

First imagine (or write out) the end statements you would like to have your customers validate and to determine what content assets are important (i.e. statistics, case studies etc.). This will allow you to effectively reverse-engineer the questions that will lead you to the most powerful content to use in your marketing initiatives. 

Reverse Engineering: Working backwards to optimize content results

  • Determine what the ideal end statements or "headlines" will be and work backwards to form questions 
  • Prioritize top use cases for the finished content and use that to determine what types of assets you'd like to publish. (case studies, statistics, quotes, etc.)
  • Feel free to reach out directly to your dedicated CSM or Survey Strategist with any questions, or email

Below and attached is a Sample TechValidate Questionnaire in PDF and PowerPoint format for a fictional IT product (ACME Systems B7500) as well as a Sample TechValidate Questionnaire for Thought Leadership in PDF and PowerPoint to help you design your own questionnaire.

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