Questionnaire Design Methodology


First, imagine (or write out) the end statements/ value props you would like to have your customers validate


Determine what content assets are important (i.e. statistics, case studies testimonials, etc.). This will allow you to effectively reverse-engineer the questions that will lead you to the most powerful content to use in your marketing initiatives. 


Reverse EngineeringDetermine what the ideal end statements or "headlines" will be and work backward to form questions: 

Ex. X% of surveyed organizations realized a return on their investment in [Company Name] in 6 months or less."  

Survey Question: How quickly did you realize a return on your investment with [Compaany Name]?" 


Always feel free to reach out directly to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or Survey Strategist with any questions, or email


Here is a link to our Project Ideas and Sample Questionnaires

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