Salesforce Data Sync: How to Install

Our Salesforce Data Sync connector automatically updates your leads and contacts with the most recent NPS scores, named references, and questionnaire responses.

Installation steps:

1. Speak to your Customer Success Manager about enabling Salesforce Data Sync. They will supply you with an API token customized to your company, and exact directions for your Salesforce Admin to execute the easy set up. 

2. Have your Salesforce administrator install the TechValidate Salesforce Connector package:

3. Inside the TechValidate application, navigate to the Connectors settings page. Enter your user account information, along with security token. Your Salesforce administrator can provide this information. See example here:

4. Once you have successfully entered your Salesforce credentials, you'll see a screen like so:

5. If you have already collected some data via TechValidate, click the "Sync x New Respondents" button to begin sending data to Salesforce. Depending on the number of respondents, the sync may take up to 24 hours.

6. Here is how the fields of information will appear in Salesforce:

7. The TechValidate Salesforce Connector will add 6 fields to the lead level + 6 fields to the contact level = 12 fields total. TechValidate will only ever update these fields. TechValidate will never create any Leads or Contacts, or interact with any other objects in Salesforce.

Below are the fields that will populate at both the lead and contact level:

1. NPS Score: The score the recipient gave 
2. NPS Reason: The reason they gave that score
3. Response Timestamp: When they submitted that score
4. Named Reference Volunteer: Did they agree to act as a reference on the company's behalf?
5. Reference Activity: If so, what activities did they agree to participate in
6. Link to Survey Responses: A link to their latest survey responses

Troubleshooting tips for SFDC Administrators:

  • Salesforce Data Sync works by finding Leads and Contacts in your Salesforce environment with matching email addresses to TechValidate respondents. Your TechValidate respondents must have either a Lead or Contact (or both) records in Salesforce. 
  • If you would like to re-sync all existing respondent data, click the "Re-sync All Previously Sent Respondents" button
  • You will have to enter a security token even if you don't normally use them. Your SFDC admin should be able to create one to use.
  • Uninstall: If you ever wish to stop synchronizing TechValidate data with Salesforce, click the "Disconnect" button on the connectors page of your TechValidate application.
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