Why Participate in TechValidate Surveys?

TechValidate surveys are fast, easy, and secure. Here are 4 reasons to participate:

Provide direct, valuable feedback

Your contributions help vendors improve their products and services, identify customer support issues, and provide valuable insights into real-world usage.

Anonymity is guaranteed

If the results of the TechValidate survey are published, your responses will remain 100% anonymous, unless you explicitly opt-in to let your name be used. Only the company conducting the survey will be able to see your responses.

Get information that is relevant to you

Looking for similar deployment scenarios or use cases to your own? TechValidate lets you share and learn from other verified professionals. It’s anonymous, accurate, and fact-driven.

Benchmark yourself against your peers

Want to know how your company stacks up against others using the same product? Contributing to TechValidate research lets you anonymously find out who faces the same issues as you.


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