Creating Custom Reports with Customer Insights


TechValidate Customer Insights has been designed for analyzing, diagnosing, and improving your overall customer satisfaction. Custom Reports enable you to seamlessly share a tailored view of your NPS data to provide insight and analysis into improving your overall customer satisfaction to different parts of your organization like product management, customer support, and executive leadership.

How it Works

  • Create a custom report to include specific modules from the Customer Insights dashboard
  • Data can be filtered to focus in on a specific customer industry or persona.
  • Schedule the frequency of the report being sent to your colleagues.


1. Navigate to Customer Insights on the left-side dashboard, select the reports tab and then choose New Report.

2. Title the report and select the security setting and frequency (these can be edited later).

3. Add modules to your report by selecting Add Modules (you can select as many as you’d like).

4. If you’d like to include filtered data in your report, first enable filter saving by clicking the link on the left side bar.  


5. When filter saving is turned on, the filters you select are automatically saved as the default filters of the report.

6. You can share the report automatically or manually. To share it automatically (at a specified frequency), select Recipients & Frequency on the left side bar, select the frequency and then type the email addresses of the recipients in the open text box.


7. You can adjust the security settings of the report to enable report access only to people with a TechValidate log-in or those with a specific pin. To adjust the security settings, select Security Settings on the left side bar.

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