Tracking Research Portals with Marketing Automation Software

Once you've created a Research Portal, TechValidate can add a tracking pixel that your marketing operations team can create with marketing automation software like Marketo or Eloqua. This will provide granular analytics about the use of that Research Portal right in your instance of your marketing automation tool.

Here's what to do:

1. Have your team create a tracking pixel for the Research Portal you would like to have tracked

This is typically done by your Marketing Operations manager or team. 

Marketo: Instructions on how to generate the tracking code in Marketo:

Eloqua: Instructions on how to generate a tracking code in Eloqua via PDF: 

2. Send the tracking pixel to your dedicated TechValidate Customer Success Manager.

3. Share your Research Portal in demand generation campaigns, social media, with the sales organization, and watch the analytics from your marketing automation dashboard.

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