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How long do customers use TechValidate?

Demand for fresh, relevant content at B2B marketing organizations means that many clients continually use TechValidate. Dynamic marketing messaging, new product launches, the need to generate content around new wins and more have led to 5+ year relationships with clients like Hitachi Data Systems, CA Technologies, and HPE.


What other types of projects do TechValidate clients do?

Our clients have successfully aligned TechValidate projects to a broad range of marketing objectives that include ratifying core value propositions, producing social proof for product launches, and filling content gaps in vertical or solution marketing initiatives. You can see more use cases here.


What happens if I don’t renew my TechValidate contract?

If your subscription lapses, you forfeit the following:

  • You lose access to the TechValidate application.
  • Your data will be deleted and purged from our servers.
  • Your TechValidate Product dashboard will be removed from the TechValidate site.
  • Links to the branded TechValidate content on the TechValidate site will cease to function.
  • Any embedded TechValidate content will no longer be shown.
  • Your Salesforce integration will cease to function.
  • You will forfeit worldwide distribution rights to the branded TechValidate content.


Will I still be able to use the branded TechValidate content assets offline?

Similar to how you might license a white paper from an analyst firm, you can only use the branded TechValidate content while you have an active subscription.


Who owns the branded TechValidate content assets and the response data collected from my customers?

You own all of the raw response data that can be downloaded from the application. Your TechValidate license covers the worldwide redistribution rights to the branded TechValidate content during the subscription period. At the end of the subscription, you forfeit your distribution rights to the branded TechValidate content and the branded TechValidate assets must be removed from marketing materials.


What happens if I don’t want to run any more projects, but I need to use the content I’ve created?

To leverage the customer content you’ve created with TechValidate you must be currently covered by a subscription. Most of our clients find that their content grows “stale” (and less effective) over time and must be regularly refreshed to stay accurate and relevant. Please contact your dedicated support manager to discuss your options.

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