How does my TechValidate subscription work?

TechValidate is a content-creation platform that is licensed on an annual subscription basis. Each subscription is based on one of our three software editions (Starter, Professional, and Enterprise), and licenses a client to create content about one of their product families -- separate product families require separate subscriptions.

Dedicated Support

Each client will be assigned a dedicated support manager who will coordinate training calls and be available throughout the year to share best practices to maximize your subscription.

During the Subscription Period

In the same way that 3rd-party research and analyst organizations license their content, our clients have full redistribution rights to their TechValidate content during their subscription period.  Customers leverage their TechValidate content in many ways across their marketing and sales processes.

Renewing Subscriptions

Most B2B companies need a steady stream of fresh, relevant content to support their marketing initiatives, so the most successful TechValidate clients incorporate TechValidate into their processes year over year, rather than seeing it as a single-use tool. 

When Subscriptions End

If a client chooses not to renew their TechValidate subscription, they can export all of their raw customer data (including customer response data) in a CSV file.

However, once out of the service period, clients lose access to the TechValidate application, access to the online data, and the rights to publicly use their TechValidate content (e.g. case studies, research charts, statistics, competitive statements, testimonials).

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