Requirements for Citing TechValidate Content

The true value in the 3rd party verified content you create with TechValidate emerges when you are able to leverage the content. A common use case is to cite the evidence in press releases, media, and analyst presentations as well as on blogs and websites.

***We highly encourage you to hyperlink content back to their individual page in the Research Library. There are several ways to do this:

1. Hyperlink Text

You can cite statistics by using the link back to the individual asset page in the Research Library. Clients often take advantage of this in press releases. See a properly formatted example from Limelight Networks here: 

When quoting research, please follow these guidelines:

  • According to TechValidate
  • Source: TechValidate survey of (your company name) customers

2. Embed the Content Assets

The embed code automatically contains a link back to the research library. This is the most common way to use assets on your blog or website. Please find detailed instructions here: 

3. Hyperlink images


Any images used online must contain a link back to their specific page in the research library.

4. Include an "About TechValidate" section  

Ex. About TechValidate

TechValidate is a trusted third-party research organization that directly interfaces with business and technology end-users to collect and validate information about their deployments. More information is available at


Please email with any questions.

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