How to Access Content Views in the Usage Dashboard

Content view analytics are built into TechValidate's Usage Dashboard. They include:

  • Overall page view impressions when content is viewed in the TechValidate Research Library, via embedded assets, or links.
  • List of the most-viewed content in the past 30 days
  • Calculated month over month increase of views

TechValidate customers leverage these analytics to help determine the effectiveness of campaigns and projects that link to the content they have published with the application. 

1. Click on Usage Dashboard from your TechValidate dashboard

2. Under Projects, see a snapshot of all your TechValidate projects


3. Under Publishing Activity you can view your content creation over time

4. Under Content Views, view overall content views and what content was the most-viewed

5. Under NPS Overview, you can view your overall Net Promoter Score and Average NPS Rating

Keep in mind that we can only track page view impressions; we cannot track content once it is downloaded in an image for a powerpoint, or other presentation.
6. Click Create Slideshow Presentation, you can quickly create a slideshow containing all of the Content Usage Dashboard information
7. Once the slideshow presentation has been created for you, you will now have the option to Share it
8.  To Share the slideshow, simply copy and paste the link. Note: If you share the link with a user who is not logged into TechValidate, you will need to also share the unique PIN for them to access the report
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  • Avatar
    Michael Procopio

    Are the views over time cumulative or the views for the month shown on the x-axis?

  • Avatar
    TechValidate Support

    Hi Michael,

    The views are cumulative over each month. If you roll over a particular time in the graph - it will show all views up until that time (so it is including previous views).

    Does that make sense? Thanks!


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