How to Embed TechValidate Content on Blogs and Websites

Question: When should you embed your TechValidate marketing assets and when should you download them as images?

Answer: You should embed your marketing assets when you are going to use a statistic, chart, or case study on a blog or website:

And download for offline use in a powerpoint presentation, white paper or word document:


For online use, here's a simple guide to embedding the marketing assets as a widget:

First off, navigate to the TechValidate chart, statistic, testimonial or case study you would like to embed in the public Research Library or your product dashboard and click "Embed".

The Embed tool will appear:


1. Choose settings for Size & Style 

2. Copy and Paste the Code


3: Paste that code into a blog or website or share it with your web manager.



And you're done! Here are more details on why you should embed assets:


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