TechValidate content in (Professional Edition)

Congratulations. You have published impactful marketing content with TechValidate.

Next challenge, getting this concise client evidence in front of the people that will be able to drive new business: your sales team.

Not a problem. TechValidate can install a tab in your application that puts easily searchable marketing content at the fingertips of your sales team in minutes flat. Just ask your favorite TechValidate team member or email for a link to your package.

Here’s how it happens:  

1. After you talk to TechValidate, you'll quickly receive an email with a link. Forward this on to the administrator on your account.


2. Login to


3. Click install


4. Click on the Setup tab


5.Click on Customize your tabs


6. Click on Customize My Tabs


7. Choose TechValidate in the Custom App draw down menu, click to add and save


8. Voila. TechValidate assets are now available from within

9. Your TechValidate assets are easily searchable by company size, industry, category, tag and keyword. Share, download and embed away!


* Make sure you have VisualForce available for your sales team.



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