Using TechValidate Content Assets

1. Link to Your TechValidate Content

Each published TechFact, case study, and chart has a publicly-visible page that can be used to verify its contents and current status. You should link to these public pages when referencing TechValidate content on your website and anywhere you reference TechValidate content as 3rd-party validation of customer success. Without these links, people cannot verify the status of your TechValidate content.

You can find the public page of any TechValidate asset by clicking the “View Public Page” link next to it in your library of published assets. You can also browse all of your published content by going to your page in the TechValidate Research Library.

2. Embed Your TechValidate Content In Your Website or other Collateral

Published TechFacts, case studies, and charts can now be embedded directly in your website, email campaign, or other collateral in a widget. Click the “Embed” link next to your assets and copy and paste the code provided.

3. Upload TechFacts, Charts, and Case Studies as Images

You can upload TechFacts, charts, and case studies in documents and presentations by downloading them to your computer as PDF or PNG images. Click the "Download" link next to the asset and you'll have the option to select a high-resolution, standard, or PDF image.

4. Cite TechFacts & Case Studies

You can excerpt and cite TechFacts, charts, and case studies back to the research you did with TechValidate providing 3rd party credibility. Click the “Cite” link next to the asset for an easy-to-copy view of its contents.

5. Use in Social Media Programs

You can also share any TechValidate content directly through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Use the "Share" link to post the link directly onto any of these popular social networks.



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