How to Publish Quotes

Testimonial questions will produce authentic customer quotes that you can begin publishing right away. Here's a quick how-to guide to get you started.

1. Go to your project and select "Responses By Question"


2. Select your "Responses" on your Testimonial Question


3. Review quotes and publish all positive customer testimonials by selecting "Preview TechFact"

4. Add a unique title that reflects your marketing message

5. Assign tags for easy internal organization/search key words

6. You can edit spelling/grammatical errors

7. For special customization, write a note for TechValidate Staff

8. Publish


You can revise or delete customer quotes at any time by viewing them in your content library. All content will be reviewed by TechValidate staff and validated within 1 business day. To share quotes or use them in your sales/marketing material, go to your Content Library for easy sharing.

To publish case studies, read here

To share content, read here

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