How to Publish Named Content Assets

Our Named Asset question asked respondents to agree (or not agree) to allow you to use their name when you publish their responses as TechValidate content.

Once responses have come in from your survey, go to "Responses by Person" tab to see if anyone elected to be named. 

1. Click "Attribution" to bring the Named users to the top of the list. 

 2. Select a Recipient

Click on any user's name to see their questionnaire responses.

3. Choose a TechFact to Preview

Now you can see the responder's survey responses and choose an asset to publish.

4. Publish Named Content

Content will be attributed with name, title, and company name as shown.

Please note the warning on the top of the page: before publishing a named asset please ensure you are not violating any existing agreements that prohibit identifying this person as a customer. If you would not like to include the customer's name or company's name, you can request the source to be publicly blinded in "Notes to TechValidate Staff."


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