DOs & DON’Ts of Giving Titles to TechFacts, Charts & Case Studies

After launching your project and collecting responses, you can now preview TechValidate charts, statistics, testimonials and case studies in the application. It's time to give these content assets a title and publish them. Here are a few tips on titling your TechValidate content:

DO: Give your TechValidate marketing assets unique and specific titles.

Our clients have found that the content stands out more with unique headlines. Sometimes even varying between 4-5 designations or referencing the industry of the respondent will do the trick.

DON’T: Give all of your TechFacts the same name.

This can be overwhelming and confusing.

DON’T: Give your TechFacts titles that overgeneralize, or are overly enthusiastic. For example:

DO: Keep it Objective

When choosing titles, have them align with your marketing message and value proposition and/or reference the industry/role of the respondent. However, it is important to keep the titles objective and descriptive of the content, not simply singing your product or service's praises -- that undermines TechValidate's perception as 3rd-party research. 

DON'T: Cite TechValidate in the title

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