How to Crosstab in TechValidate

Crosstabbing is a process that combines data from two or more sources for analysis. With TechValidate, this means that you can drill down into the research you’ve collected with the application and filter against responses to another question in your project, industry, company size or respondent's job function. Follow these simple instructions to publish highly targeted marketing assets that tell specific narratives by crosstabbing in the TechValidate tool.

1. Log in to TechValidate, navigate to your project and select Responses by Question.

2. Click on Charts or Statistics for the question you would like to publish content from.

3. Click on Crosstab to filter against the response to another question.

4. When prompted, select the desired question and response to filter against and click Apply Cross-tab.

5. Your results will now be sorted against the responses to the question you selected.

6. You can now click on Publish to create crosstabbed TechFacts and Charts.



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