Customizing or Revising TechFacts and Case Studies

This can be done either during or after the publishing process. Each change to a TechFact or case study is recorded and viewable in its “revision history” and all changes are subject to TechValidate review and approval. However, as long as you stick to the original sentiment, we are flexible. 

Here's how to suggest a revision to the TechFact before publishing:

1. Open your survey and click on the Response By Question tab. 


2. Click on Statistics for the question you've selected


3. Click on Preview TechFact

4. Click Request Revisions before clicking Submit for approval



5. Type in any revisions in TechFact content that you wish to make. If you need to note any changes for TechValidate, you can do that as well. 

6. After clicking Publish, your TechFact will be sent to TechValidate for approval

If the voice of the customer has been preserved, it is more than likely that your content will be approved.

7. For already published TechFacts, simply click on the TechFact in the Content Library and choose Revise


8. Revise the contents and/or title, add a note for the TechValidate staff and press Request Revision


Congratulations - you're finished! You will receive an email when TechValidate has completed reviewing your content revision.


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