Tagging TechFacts and Case Studies

Tagging TechFacts and case studies will help you more easily find and filter them as your repository of content grows. 

We recommend that you tag your TechFacts and case studies with keywords like unique company value propositions, sales region, or usage models that are relevant to your business.

1. Once you decide which asset to publish, you will see the Assign Tags area towards the bottom of the page. 

Why should you assign a tag(s) to your content? To easily search within your Content Library and Salesforce integration, making it faster to find the asset you are looking for. Tags are ONLY internal - they will not be seen on public pages. 

Note: Tags should be separated by commas. Example: ROI, biotech, financial, backup



2. Use tags to search in the Content Library: 


3. Select the tag you want to search by, for quick access to specific published content: 


4. You can also search using tags in Salesforce: 

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