How to Create a Curated Collection

Curated Collections are groups of TechFacts, Case Studies and Charts that you select and arrange
by a common theme or message. They can be easily shared and embedded in blogs and websites.
Collections are also the building blocks of Research Portals.

TechValidate Enterprise clients can create these in 5-10 minutes. Here's how:

Click on Content Library

Click on Content Collections

Select New Collection

Select Curated Collection and type your Title

Click Add Content

Add Desired TechFacts, Case Studies & Charts by clicking Add to Collection

You can also filter by asset type, project, state, tag, job function, company size, and industry to easily find the relevant content. When finished, click Done Adding Content.

Order your content by using the gray bars on the right side to drag and drop

You can preview your Collection at any time

Your collection can now be shared in 4 main ways:

1. Through social media channels:

2. Embedded on blogs or websites

Learn more about customizing the dynamic Collections widget in our Embed Designer here.

3. As a section of a Research Portal

4. On your Product Area in the public Research Library

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