How to Create a Smart Collection

With Smart Collections, TechValidate Enterprise users can create targeted Collections of recently published TechValidate content with a few clicks. These collections can then be embedded on blogs or websites or used as the building blocks of Research Portals.

Here's how it works:

1. Sign into the application and go to your Content Library

2. Then click on Content Collections

3. Click the New Collection button.

4. Select the "Product", then select the collection type "Smart", type the title and description of your collection, and click Create Collection.

5. click Add Rules

6. And select:

  • The type of content assets you would like to use,
  • How you would like to filter it
  • The maximum number of assets you would like to include.
  • Click Done.

(The Smart Collection will be populated by the most recently published assets and refreshes automatically when you publish new content.)

7. Make any other desired edits and view the public page.

Your collection can now be shared in 4 main ways:

1. Through social media channels:

2. Embedded on blogs or websites

Learn more about customizing the dynamic Collections widget in our Embed Designer here.

3. As a section of a Research Portal


4. Select this box to add this collection to your Public Research Library

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