Topics for TechValidate Outreach

Creating your TechValidate questionnaire is the one of the most important steps towards gathering research and publishing impactful content with the tool.

Our clients have been successful in crafting questions around the following topics. Read through for ideas and inspiration in creating your own ten questions for TechValidate outreach. You can also see what other clients are doing in the TechValidate Research Library.


Purchasing rationale

Example: What were the top three purchasing drivers for buying your Acme Systems B7500?



ROI and financial impact

Example: How long was the payback period of Acme Systems?



Operational metrics

Example: By what percentage, did your Acme Systems B7500 increase the productivity of your IT staff?



Financial metrics questions

Example: By what percentage, did your Acme Systems B7500 reduce your Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) of your IT infrastructure?



Business challenges your product/service solves

Examples: Select the top 3 business challenges that motivated your company to purchase Acme Systems.

                 What types of operational challenges did deploying your Acme Systems B7500 solve for your organization?



Improved Productivity

Example: In a sentence or two, describe the operational impact that Acme Systems has had on your organization.



Competitive wins/differentiation

Examples: Why did you choose Acme over other service providers?

                 What other vendors did you consider before choosing Acme Solutions?




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