Selecting a Marketing Initiative

The first step for any successful project with TechValidate is determining what types of content assets you want to produce in support of one of your marketing initiatives – before sending questionnaires. We do NOT recommend that you survey customers for the sake of collecting information and then figure out how to use this information after the fact.

Generally, clients use TechValidate to support five categories of marketing objectives. We summarize the typical objectives and how TechValidate assists in the completion of each activity below. We suggest that you and your team review the list and select the objective and content assets that best match your immediate marketing goals.


Marketing ObjectiveUse TechValidate to…TechValidate Content Assets

1) Product Launch / Announcement

  • Collect benefits from Betas/early adopters before launch
  • Collect testimonials or statistics for PR from existing customers
  • TechFacts cited in Press materials
  • TechFacts embedded on your website
  • Testimonials for PR/media

2) PR Announcements / Awareness Activities

  • Build customer statistics for PR
  • TechFacts & charts cited in Press Release
  • TechFacts & charts embedded in your website
  • Testimonials for PR/media

3) Demonstrate Customer Success

  • Build case studies on hard to reference customers (e.g. Fortune 500)
  • Showcase your best deployments
  • Case studies linked or embedded in your website

4) Show Traction for a Solution

  • Collect deployment details by vertical, or usage model
  • Case studies embedded in your website
  • TechFacts & charts embedded in your website

5) Lead Generation

  • Provide steady stream of fresh content
  • Live response charts embedded in your website

Attached is a template to help guide you through the marketing objectives workflow. 

Please share your marketing objective with us at With your goals in mind, we can review your questionnaire and ensure that it will meet your objectives.

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