Sample Questionnaire: Product Launch

Why use TechValidate to create content for a Product Launch? 

It's inherently difficult to generate proof about customer success for product launches. TechValidate clients, like HP and VMware, have been able to get around this obstacle by surveying early adopters or beta users in order to have verified customer proof points in hand at the time of launch. This blog post profiles how HP created hundreds of customer content assets for 8 simultaneous product launches.

You can check out how HP packaged up their results from an outreach project out to HP Agile Manager beta customers here: 

Below is an example questionnaire to generate proof from a small group of early adopters or beta customers:

Q1: What challenges did you face before implementing Acme 5.0?

  • A High cost of managing IT
  • Lack of visibility across IT domains
  • Difficulty determining the cause of outages
  • Slow problem resolution time
  • Manual processes caused errors and inconsistent results
  • Other

Case Study Section: Challenges

Q2: Which Acme products do you use in production today?

  • Operations manager
  • Agents
  • Acme virtualization plugin
  • Operations Manager 2
  • I don’t know/Not applicable

 Case Study Section: Use Case

Q3: What are you monitoring with Acme 5.0?

  • Storage devices
  • Network devices
  • Virtualized servers
  • Linux servers
  • Other

Case Study Section: Use Case

Q4: What are the key reasons your organization deployed Acme 5.0?

  • To reduce IT management costs (OpEx)
  • To increase the availability of business services
  • To reduce the number of separate IT monitoring groups
  • To automate problem resolution
  • To improve collaboration among IT groups
  • Other

 Case Study Section: Results

Q5: Please estimate how much you will reduce costs by using Acme 5.0.

  • Over 50%
  • 40 – 50%
  • 30 - 40%
  • 20 - 30%
  • 10 – 20%
  • Up to 10%
  • I don’t know/ Not applicable

 Case Study Section: Results


Q6. How much did you decrease the amount of time needed to build reports manually with Acme 5.0?

Over 10x






Case Study Section: Results

Q7. What new features of Acme 5.0 will have the greatest impact on your organization?

Improved user interface

Integration with Acme x100

Integration with Acme x200

Mobile access to dashboard

Other –please specify

Case study section: Results

Q8: In a few sentences, describe the benefits you’ve seen with Acme 5.0. Please consider:

  • Time savings
  • Cost savings
  • Efficiency gains

 Case Study Section: Testimonials

Q9. In a sentence or two, please describe the main reasons your company made the move to Acme 5.0.

Case Study Section: Testimonials

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