The Customer Review Question

TechValidate Customer Reviews are real customer reviews that have been verified by a trusted 3rd-party. Each review includes a star rating and customer quotes about how they use your product/service, and whether they would recommend it to others. Charts and statistics of customer reviews can also be published from this question. For some more background, check out our blog on Customer Reviews here.

A customer review question consists of three questions: one star review rating scale and two free-choice testimonial questions.The best practice is to include this question at the very end of the survey.

It's simple to add this type of question to your project:

1. Navigate to your project in the TechValidate application and go to the Overview tab and then select Build a Questionnaire:


2. Click Add a New Question:


3. Select the Customer Review Question:


a. You can use the default questions provided or make changes to the text.

b. Save and add to your questionnaire.


4. Click Preview Questionnaire to see exactly what your customer review question will look like to your survey recipients (pictured below):


Congratulations! You've created a Customer Review question: 




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