The Numeric Question

A numeric question allows your customer to provide a specific numeric answer to a question. Our clients use these to evaluate quantitative metrics on a range of topics including revenue, cost savings, productivity gains, time savings, etc. The best practice is choose a numerics scale that all of your customers can relate to. It’s simple to add this type of question to your project. Please continue reading for detailed instructions:

1. Navigate to your project in the TechValidate application and go to the Overview tab and then select Build a Questionnaire:


Add a New Question:

2. Select a Numeric Question:

3. Write your numeric question and provide the answer units accordingly. Below, you have the choice to enter a minimum and maximum value.


4. Click Preview Questionnaire to see exactly what your numeric question will look like to your survey recipients (steps on how to preview)

Congratulations - you have created a numeric question! 


A numeric question will create charts, average statistics, baseline statistics and individual responses.


Average Statistics:

Baseline Statistics:

Individual Responses:



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