The Validate-A-Claim Question

A validate-a-claim question allows your customers to agree or disagree with a pre-written statement you provide. In this way, you can have a specific marketing message ratified by your customer base at large. Our customers use this question-type for a range of topics including customer satisfaction, user experience or benefits realized with a product. A validate-a-claim question will produce pie charts, bar graphs, customer statistics and can be used as testimonials. They can also be cross-tabbed with other questions. Best practice is to include no more than one of these questions.

 It is simple to add this type of question to your project. Please continue reading for detailed instructions:e reading for detailed instructions:

1. Navigate to your project in the TechValidate application and go to the Overview tab and then select Build a Questionnaire:



2. Add a question:


3. Select a "Validate-a-Claim" question: 


4. Write the statement you would like your customers to evaluate:


Click Preview Questionnaire to see exactly what your choose-one question will look like to your survey recipients (pictured below):



Congratulations! You've created a Validate-a-Claim Question.


A validate a claim question creates aggregated statistics and individual responses.

Aggregated Statistics:



Individual Responses:


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