The Choose-One Question

A choose-one question allows your customers to select one answer to a question. Our clients often use this question to ask about financial and operation metrics like time/cost savings, ROI, and payback period. These questions will produce pie and bar charts, individual proof points and statistics.They can also be cross-tabbed with other questions. The best practice is to include multiple choose-one questions in your survey.

It is simple to add this type of question to your project. Please continue reading for detailed instructions:

1. Navigate to your project under Outreach Projects and go to the Overview tab where you will see Build a Questionnaire: 


2. Add a question:


3. Select "Choose-one" Question:



4. Enter all question details:

a. Write a question.

b. Include several answer choices to choose from.

c. You can add more choices if necessary.

d. If applicable, include a free response "other" option or "don't know/not applicable" answer choice.

e. Select where in the case study this question should appear. For categorization help: 

f. Save and add to your questionnaire.


4. Click Preview Questionnaire to see exactly what your choose-one question will look like to your survey recipients (steps on how to preview



A choose-one question will generate pie charts, bar charts, statistics, and individual proofpoints:

Pie Chart:


Bar Graph:


Performance / ROI Metric:


Customer Proof Point:


For more information on the content you can create with TechValidate: 

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