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The most critical part of doing an outreach project with TechValidate is writing your questionnaire.

You’ll reverse-engineer 10 questions from the marketing messages you’d like your customers to ratify. This will allow you to generate dozens to hundreds of powerful marketing content assets from a single outreach project.

We’ve compiled a list of example questions (PDF is attached) and best practices to show you how each question type turns into different asset types possible from each question.


Questionnaire Best Practices

From our experience, the most successful questionnaires have a clear goal and are tied directly to a specific marketing initiative (e.g. product launch, case study generation, etc.) See https://www.techvalidate.com/use-cases for more ideas.

Beyond developing a clear understanding of what you want TechValidate to generate, we offer some best practices and important tactics for increasing response rates for questionnaires:

  1. Ask questions that pertain to specific benefits or differentiating aspects of your product, so that the response data will reflect positively on your product when published.
  2. While you have an assortment of different question types to choose from, a majority will be “choose-one” or “choose-many” so as to create powerful marketing statements focused on the specific options you’ve provided.
  3. To get at those authentic customer quotes about your product, including one or two testimonial questions at the end of the questionnaire is best.
  4. A maximum of 1-2 matrix questions should be used.
  5. Customer Reviews allow you to publish a star-rated review of your products or services and customer testimonials recommending your product. Because of their broad nature and testimonial sections, they are best included at the very end of the survey.


Question Types 

The following is a list of the seven question types you can choose from when writing your survey. For more information on each question type, click on the links attached:

1.     Choose Many

A choose-many question allows your customers to select more than one answer to a question. This question type will create bar graphs, statistics and individual customer proof points.

For more information, read herehttps://support.techvalidate.com/entries/22026995-The-Choose-Many-Question

2.     Choose One: 

A choose-one question allows your customers to select one answer to a question. These questions will produce pie and bar charts, individual proof points and statistics.

For more information, read here: https://support.techvalidate.com/entries/21727569-The-Choose-One-Question

3.     Testimonial:

Testimonial questions are open-ended free response questions that allow you to capture authentic customer quotes. These questions will produce individual customer testimonials to be used stand-alone in TechFacts or integrated into case studies.

For more information, read here: https://support.techvalidate.com/entries/21738029-The-Testimonial-Question

4.     Customer Review:

TechValidate Customer Reviews are real customer reviews that have been verified by a trusted 3rd-party. Each review includes a star rating and customer quotes about how they use your product/service, and whether they would recommend it to others. Charts and statistics of customer reviews can also be published from this question. For some more background, check out our blog on Customer Reviews here.

For more information, read here: https://support.techvalidate.com/entries/21925515-The-Customer-Review-Question

5.     Matrix:

A matrix question is a set of questions that share an answer scale. Our clients use these to evaluate a related set of questions along the same rating system. The best practice is to ask no more than 1-2 matrix questions per project and place them towards the end of your survey.

For more information, read here: https://support.techvalidate.com/entries/20180891-The-Matrix-Question

6.     Validate a Claim 

A validate-a-claim question allows your customers to agree or disagree with a pre-written statement you provide. In this way, you can have a specific marketing message ratified by your customer base at large. Our customers use this question-type for a range of topics including customer satisfaction, user experience or benefits realized with a product.

For more information, read here: https://support.techvalidate.com/entries/21748949-The-Validate-A-Claim-Question

7.     Numeric

A numeric question allows your customer to provide a specific numeric answer to a question. Our clients use these to evaluate quantitative metrics on a range of topics including revenue, cost savings, productivity gains, time savings, etc. 

For more information, read here: https://support.techvalidate.com/entries/21805219-The-Numeric-Question


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