The Matrix Question

A matrix question is a set of of questions that share an answer scale. Our clients use these to evaluate a related set of questions along the same rating system. The best practice is to ask no more than 1-2 matrix questions per project and place them towards the end of your survey.

**Note: Matrix questions can have a maximum of 5 answer options, 30 character maximum each.

It’s simple to add this type of question to your project. Please continue reading for detailed instructions:

1. Navigate to your project in the TechValidate application and go to the Overview tab then select Build a Questionnaire:

2. Click Add a New Question and select the Matrix Question

3. Select the Matrix question

1. Write your question under Question Prompt.

2. Define the rows and columns of your matrix. Arrange your column choices from best -> worst. Rows left blank will be automatically deleted when you save the question.

3. Select a Case Study Section if appropriate.

4. Save and add to your questionnaire.

4. Click Preview Questionnaire to see exactly what your matrix question will look like to your survey recipients (steps on how to preview)

Congratulations - you have created a matrix question!


A matrix question can create pie charts, bar charts, statistics, and individual statistics.

Bar Charts:



Individual Responses:

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