How to Create a New Project and Submit for Approval

To launch your TechValidate project, you will need to create your project and submit it for project approval. Here are the required steps:

1. From the TechValidate dashboard, click on + New Project.

2. Name your project and include a short description, then click on Create Project.

3. Follow the project steps to complete your project (Build a Questionnaire, Select Recipients, Select Project Options, and Request Questionnaire Delivery).

4. To build your questionnaire, click on Build a Questionnaire, choose from the different question types, and copy & paste your questions. (You have the option to duplicate questions from previous projects. This will aggregate the data between both projects).

5. To import your recipient list, click on the Select Recipients tab and + Add Recipients. There are 3 ways to import customer data:

A. Generate a CSV file (headers: first name, last name, email address, company name) and upload it to TechValidate (Click "Import from a CSV File"). 

B. Import an existing list from a previous TechValidate project.

C. Add a recipient by typing their information in manually.

6. After importing customer data, you will Select Project Options. We recommend including a sender name and contact information to support the highest response rate. 

7. Once the above steps are completed, the Request Questionnaire Delivery button will appear on your project Overview page. 


Now, what happens when you request questionnaire delivery? 

Your survey is not sent immediately. Instead, TechValidate will be contacted to approve and schedule your project for delivery.

Scheduling deadlines will occur with the following time windows (based on the times our clients have seen the best response rates):

Questionnaire Delivery Requested Preminder sent   Main Invitation sent
    Wednesday EOD Monday morning  Tuesday morning
    Friday by 11am PST Tuesday morning  Wednesday morning


You will be able to see responses as they come into the application. We suggest waiting about 14 days to start publishing the aggregate data (statistics and charts). This way you have the best response count possible to further drive the power of your results.





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