Question Design for Creating Case Studies with TechValidate

You can easily create short format Case Studies with TechValidate. This concise customer proof can be leveraged by your sales and marketing teams in all areas of marketing/sales outreach and is optimized for downloading, sharing through social media channels and embedding in websites or blogs. The key to being able to create these marketing assets are including a few required question types in your outreach project.

First off, check out the Anatomy of a Case Study below:


The main sections of a TechValidate Case Study are: Challenges, Use Cases and Results and a Testimonial.

You can check out more examples in our Research Library here. Now let's get started.

Question Design for TechValidate Case Studies

There are a number of required questions to build your own Case Study.

1. Challenge Question

The Challenges question refers to the business challenge or problem that the organization solved by using your product. It can also include the reason why they purchased your product.

a) For each question, assign a Case Study Section as appropriate

b) Keeping track of your Case Study progress

While you author and assign questions in the tool, the application will keep track of your progress towards being able to create Case Studies.

2. Use Case Questions (You will need 2 of these.)

Use Case questions ask your recipients how they use your product and service.

Another example would be: "How many TBs do you store with Acme Systems?

3. Results Question

The Results question summarizes the primary operational and financial impact that your product delivered for the organization.

4. Testimonials Question

The response to this open ended question and other testimonial question responses will populate in their own section in the Case Study.

Send your outreach and wait 10-14 days for the raw data to come into the application. Then check out the knowledge base article on How to Publish a TechValidate Case Study.

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