Questionnaire Best Practices

From our experience, the most successful questionnaires have a clear goal and are tied directly to ongoing marketing activities (e.g. product launch, case study generation, etc.) We recommend you read our Selecting a Marketing Initiative help topic.

Beyond developing a clear understanding of what you want TechValidate to generate, we offer some best practices and important tactics for increasing response rates for questionnaires:


  1. Ask questions that capture specific benefits that differentiate aspects of your product, so that the response data will reflect positively on your product when published. 
  2. While you have an assortment of different question types to choose from, a majority will be “choose-one” or “choose-many” so as to create powerful marketing statements focused on the specific options you’ve provided.
  3. To get at those authentic customer quotes about your product, including one or two testimonial questions at the end of the questionnaire is best.
  4. A maximum of 1-2 matrix questions should be used.
  5. Customer Reviews allow you to publish a star-rated review of your products or services and customer testimonials recommending your product. Because of their broad nature and testimonial sections, they are best included at the very end of the survey.
  6. Here is a Sample Questionaire for reference. If you have any questions or would like us to review your questionnaire before sending it, please send us an email at

Tactics for increasing response rates for questionnaires:

  1. In our email campaign, list the 'Sender' of the questionnaire as an actual person at your company (e.g. an executive at your company or a sales or support person that the customer might know). You can configure this setting on the Options page in the tool.
  2. Be cognizant of other emails outside of TechValidate going out to customers from your company
  3. Scheduling emails for Monday and Tuesday mornings for the highest response rate. 
  4. Importing a strong customer list that represents engaged customers. 
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