Questionnaire Best Practices

From our experience, the most successful questionnaires have a clear goal and are tied directly to ongoing marketing activities (e.g. product launch, case study generation, etc.) We recommend you read our Selecting a Marketing Initiative help topic.


Beyond developing a clear understanding of what you want TechValidate to generate, we offer some best practices and important tactics for increasing response rates for questionnaires:


  1. Ask questions that pertain to specific benefits or differentiating aspects of your product, so that the response data will reflect positively on your product when published.
  2. Send a cover letter email stipulating that TechValidate and your company are working together. We find that this aids your response rates. TechValidate can automatically compose and send this email if you check the “Send early-notification email” box on your project’s Delivery Options page. 
  3. Send the questionnaire from an actual person at your company (e.g. an executive at your company or a sales or support person that the customer might know). You can configure this setting on the Delivery Options page as well.


Here is a Sample Questionaire for reference. If you have any questions or would like us to review your questionnaire before sending it, please send us an email at

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