Alerting Your Team to Survey Outreach

It is often helpful to alert your broader team to an upcoming TechValidate send. Should they receive customer inquiries about the survey, they'll be aware of your project. Also, it allows your sales team or customer success time to request the removal of particular recipients on your customer list that should not receive outreach.


  • Communicate with both your Customer Success Team, Sales Team, and Marketing team on other communications going out throughout the year. 
  • Determine a launch date and communicate the 3 touch email send that TechValidate uses. 

If helpful - See the template below to send to your sales or customer success team a few days before requesting delivery on your TechValidate project.

Example email template:

Hi All,

I wanted to send a quick heads up that we’ll be reaching out to customers on [X] product with TechValidate (a 3rd party research platform) with an email survey on [date]. The 3-5 minute survey will generate customer evidence to be used in marketing and sales campaigns.  Here’s the work we’ve done so far with TechValidate: [link to Content Library] 

I’ve attached the customer list we’ll be sending to. If there are any contacts that are currently in pipeline or have other issues, please let us know by responding to this email by [date/time] and we will remove them.




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