How to Use the Public Questionnaire Link

The primary way to reach out to your customers with the TechValidate application is by importing your customer list and leveraging TechValidate’s turnkey email invitations. (How to import recipients.)

However, TechValidate now provides a Public Questionnaire Link to your questionnaire for all approved projects. This can be posted in customer communities, blogs, or within customer communications like newsletters or personal emails.

Please note that response rates are significantly lower with the Public Questionnaire Link option and that the best practice for most projects will still be to use the primary method of importing your customer list.

Follow the directions below to access your Public Questionnaire Link:

 1. Add recipients to your questionnaire normally


Once you have finished adding recipients, you can move on to Request Approval of your project.

If you cannot add recipients, view this article: How to Skip Importing Recipients


2. After your Questionnaire has been approved by TechValidate, you will receive an email that includes the Public Questionnaire Link:


3. You will now be able to post the Public Questionnaire Link that you received via email from TechValidate or access it from your Project Overview page:

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