Importing Recipients


It's quick and easy to add recipients to your survey.

1. Log in to TechValidate and select Projects

2. Select project

 3. Select Select Recipients

 4. Select Add Recipients


There are three ways to import outside data to create your recipient lists:
1. Generate a CSV file (headers: first name, last name, email address, company name) and upload it to TechValidate (Click "Import from a CSV File")

2. Import an existing list from a previous TechValidate project

3. Add a recipient by typing their information in directly

5. The most common way is from a CSV file: Drop your CSV into the box or select file to upload.

6. Example of CSV file format: Include a header row for the following fields: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Company Names

 7. Click Complete Import


Congratulations - you're finished with this step! On to the next step: Request Questionnaire Delivery.





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    Elan Long

    I clicked a link for an article on question types and best practices and was brought to this article on selecting recipients. It's probably a good article but not what i'm looking for.

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