Choosing Recipients - Best Practices

TechValidate questionnaires can only be sent to actual customers or users of your product/service.

When choosing questionnaire recipients, we recommend that you segment your customer base and choose people that correspond to a specific demographic or usage model of customers.

Specifically, the goal for using TechValidate should not be to extract statistically significant results across the entire customer base, but instead to extract useful feedback from the customer base.

For instance, it may be more powerful to have TechValidate state that “45% of Virtualization users are getting 45% ROI with your product” or “Financial Services customers are achieving an average RPO of 2 hours with your product.”

Here are some tips for choosing your questionnaire recipients:

  1. Smaller, targeted sends work best. We recommend that you focus on extracting data from a given segment of a customer base, instead of attempting to survey your entire customer base at once. 
  2. We recommend including as many core users/influencers in your sends as possible. This is particularly true if you want to collect information from a specific account.
  3. Create statistics for a particular segment of your customer base. You can create powerful, credible statistics about your customers if you survey a specific segment. For example, if you have 30 Financial services customers and you get 10 of them to respond, then you can create credible statistics about your benefits in the Financial Services industry.
  4. Anyone who has hands-on experience with your product is a candidate. In fact, we recommend that you use TechValidate to extract data from any customer or prospect who has hands-on experience using your product. For example, you should consider using TechValidate to survey Proofs of Concepts (PoCs)/pilots and Betas.
  5. Using the NPS question to filter your list by happy and active customers. You can filter customers through their NPS score and their level of engagement to ensure these are top notch customers that you are sending to.



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