Three Steps to Getting Started With TechValidate

TechValidate leverages a quick three-step approach to get you up and running on our application:

  • Step 1: Determine your Marketing Initiative (successful ideas here:
  • Step 2: Collect targeted information from your customers via Outreach Project
  • Step 3: Publish TechValidate content assets – auto-generated 3rd-party verified marketing materials

By following these three simple steps, you will become accustomed to the tool and begin generating usable, 3rd-party verified marketing materials in 30 days or less.


Step 1: Determine your Marketing Initiative

The first step for any successful project with TechValidate is determining what messaging you would like to create content about and what types of TechValidate content assets you want to produce in support of one of your marketing initiatives. We recommend a process of thinking through exactly what statements you would like your customers to ratify, and reverse engineering questions to line up to those statements.

For detailed information and examples of marketing initiatives, please see Selecting a Marketing Initiative.

For project ideas, check out these successful Use Cases.


Step 2: Collect information from your customers via Outreach Project

In this phase, you will build a list of recipients and use TechValidate's turnkey email campaign to send a questionnaire to gather targeted deployment information from a subset of your customer base. The questions that you ask will determine what kinds of content assets you can build when your customers respond.

Building a recipient list follows simple workflows that you will find similar to any marketing tool or CRM application you have used in the past. For recommendations for how to build recipient lists and questionnaires, please refer to the Choosing Recipients and Questionnaire Best Practices help topics.


Step 3: Publish & Utilize TechValidate Content Assets

Once you have collected responses from your customers, you can then rapidly publish TechValidate content assets – TechFacts, case studiescharts, and customer reviews – from those responses. As always, understanding the overarching marketing objective determines what kinds of assets you will want to build with TechValidate, and how you will want to leverage them once published. The system will walk you through the creation of each type of content asset.

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